Attention thunder-storm!

Technoline meets DWD
after revolution of weather forecasting with WetterDirect last year, technoline extends the system. The newest trick is called "Landkreiswetter" and shows a forecast of over 320 regions in Germany.
For German market only!

CO˛ minus – Energy saving by technoline!

Technoline shines in fresh green. The new series of intelligent “Thermostats” stand for energy saving- and reduced radiator costs. Standard thermostats or professional thermostats with radio control – the product range has the right thermostat for any user. You can reduce your radiator costs and save the environment. (For German market only!)

technoline Premium Collection

Wake-Up Lights, radio clocks with nature sounds or weather stations with 3D weather symbols... technoline sets a new highlight with technoline PREMIUM COLLECTION. Technique and design by technoline for the exclusively user