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WT 489 - Wake-Up Light

Wake-up light with radio clock and nature sound

Gentle wake-up-light 15 or 30 min before alarm time

Wake-by-radio, wake-by-buzzer, wake-by-nature sounds

(birds, forest, beach, rain & storm)

Colour changing LED mood light

Power-saving super bright white LED Light with 15-level brightness control

Hi-Lo LCD backlight dimmer control

FM Radio with memory set

Aux line-in (MP3, ipod, iphone)

Quartz clock

12 / 24 h display

Sleep Timer

2 Alarms with programmable snooze (5-60 min.)

Touch sensor for snooze and light

Backlight in 3 brightness levels

Size: 193 x 64 x 185 mm

Batteries: 3 x AAA Micro, LR 03 (AC-Adaptor included)