Accus and Chargers

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BC 1000 - Charger Set (incl. Rechargeable Batteries)

Delta-U-Charger with individual charging bay control

Microprocessor control

Separate LCD display for every charging bay

Various display modes during charging/ discharging: Charge current (in mA), elapsed time (in hh:mm), terminal voltage (in V) and charged capacity (in mAh or Ah)

Ultra fast chargeable

Discharge function

Test function (capacity check)

Refresh function (recharg. battery care program)

All functions simultaneously and independently of each other for every charging bay usable

Simultaneous charging/ discharging of recharg. AAA Micro and AA Mignon batteries possible

Automatic stop of charging to avoid overcharging

Battery defect detection

Overheat detection

Inclusive travel kit with AC adapter, 4 x AA Mignon rechargeable batteries, 4 x C Baby battery adapter, 4 x D Mono battery adapter and travel bag


Dimensions: 75 x 37 x 129mm

Input voltage for AC/DC Adapter: 100-240 VAC

Charge current range (selectable): 200 - 1500mA

(up to 1800mA if only 2 rechargeable batteries become charged)

Maximum charge capacity (capacity of the rechargeable batteries): 3000mAh

For NiCd, NiMH rechargeable batteries (AAA Micro, AA Mignon)

Note: 4 x Mognon rechargeable batteries included